About social service

"Alone we can so little; together we can do so much"

NMC-Singai Udhavum Karangal social services have been running since 10th Jan 2019 and there are two group of friends involve in our social activities;

Group 1. Naina Mohamed college of Arts & science B.Sc. computer science 2000-2003 batch friends and they are located in different countries such as India, USA, South Africa, Southi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, etc.

Group 2. Singai Udhavum Karangal Friends group also involving in our social activities and contributing donation for all of our activities. They are located in Singapore, India, Dubai and Australia.

Singai Udhavum Karangal Members
  •  Anand Australia
  •  Anand Singapore
  •  Jeyaseelan 
  •  John 
  •  Kothan 
  •  Kovindaraj 
  •  Madhavan 
  •  Manivannan
  •  Naresh
  •  Periyar
  •  Praveen 
  •  Prem 
  •  Cheliyan Priya
  •  Samy 
  •  Santhosh 
  •  Selva Vinayakam
  •  Senthil
  •  Shanmugam 
  •  Sri Pal 
  •  Sudhakar Annachi 
  •  Sudhakar Phillips 
  •  Suppaiah 
  •  Tamil
  •  Thiru
  •  Vaithi
  •  Venkat
  •  Xavier 

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